We believe in the possibility of re:charging, for both humans and animals.
The results of our search for the best re:charging tools you find on this site.

Enjoy everything helping you – from the knowledge in the instructions videos to pure nutrition from nature.

Behind human re:charge you find a group of people demanding the best way to make a global change and collecting new exciting science.

The blend of entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, scientists, practitioners, and just positive people
results in this portal to human re:charge.


Our Team

We believe in people.
Strong, independent and brilliant minds have always moved humans forward.
Impossible things – just takes a little bit longer.
It brings us into a humble and peaceful mood, to have these fantastic persons around us.

Be your best you – fight gravity!

Mr Robert Sullivan - Clinical Consultant

BSc (Hons). MSc. Pod, Surgery., Pg. Dip, M. Acup. FIChPA FASugPC Clinical Director

Dr. Janet Gordon-Palm - Veterinarian

A low-level laser therapy practicing veterinarian with of over 35 years experience.

CEO Sanna Holmgren - Consultant

Inspiration lecturer, clinic chef, consultant and founder of Archmethod®


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