Archmethod® is a bridging methodology of spatial medicine, applied neuroscience, and photobiomodulation
– a science-driven comprehensive method

Archmethod® is a brain-based therapy and training system that consistently delivers life-changing results. It is the foremost unique system that combines cutting-edge knowledge from the fields of applied neurology, biotensegrity, nutrition, body psychology and functional training. Empirical and scientifically proved.

We aim for the simplest implementation of the most advanced inner-system therapeutic methods for treating pain, injury and increasing of performance.

We start at the systems of the body, digestion, autonomic and peripheral nervous system, muscles, fascia, immune, lymphatic and improves the interactions and effects they have on each other.

We achieve impressive results very fast due to the multiple layers of actions. We have a strong focus on teaching our clients to maintain and improve the results obtained in therapy, making effects long-lasting as new habits are incorporated in the client’s life.

The cutting-edge technology and science we incorporate in the systematic work with every system in the body included the brain, nervous system and the fascial network IN a combination of manual therapy, applied neurology drills and high tech instruments such as percussor and world-leading low-level laser system by Erchonia.

This leads to:

”Archmethod® – from healthcare to self-care

– a science-driven comprehensive method”

Applied Neurology

Our practice of applied neurology is based on more than 6000 articles yearly released on the latest scientific research.

We use this cutting-edge knowledge in our methodology combined with other technics to create Archmethod®.

Applied neurology is changing the brains input to have another output.

Why is this important? If the output of the brain is pain, you need to address the weak input to get true pain relief.

Therefore pain is turned off by increasing the quality of the input. By tweaking the vision, vestibular,  tactile and the proprioceptive system, the brain has the ability to interpret the information and give a new correct output.

Cellular activation

Your cells use ATP – created by a process in the mitochondria, which gives your cell energy and healing capacity, regeneration.

Driven by proven research, we help the mitochondria, the Tesla battery and engine, to make more ATP, a process called photobiomodulation, thereby increasing the healing process.

We tap into this process by increasing the number of electrons on the cell surface. By using photons that are delivered into living tissue, resorbed by the cytochrome-c receptor on the cell membrane. The photon then dispenses an electron into the cell. The electron travels to the mitochondria which ultimately convert it into ATP.

To manage this process, we use a helium-neon laser with an adjustable Hertz depending on the diagnose you will target. As an example, the brain works between 0-100 Hz, which sets restrictions on how a treatment should be executed to gain optimal result. We can go up to 100´000 Herz to target the different areas of the body. All of our equipment is FDA approved​​​​​​​ with clinical level 1 studies and works within the Hormesis window for cold-laser, below 5/J/cm2.

Body architecture

Movement as a system continually adapts and updates itself based on what we do or don’t, the gravity is a constant that puts pressure on our tissues during our whole lifespan.

The environment requires us to move most of the time, adapting to gravity. In modern society, we have taken away a lot of our natural movements, developed passivity as the normality, and it is literally killing us. It deforms our posture and makes our body-structure weaker.
Every inch of forwarding tilting head posture results in a 30% increase of pressure in the vertebrae in the lower back.

NASA research shows that prolonged sitting switches off the lpp1-gene whose function is to suppress blood clotting and inflammation.

Therefore,  prolonged sitting is creating inflammation in the body.

To reverse the damage, we use training based upon biotensegrity and an oscillatory tool, the Percussor.

Biotensegrity training is a system based upon Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers. This specific movement pattern is the practical application from the study of biotensegrity and relational anatomy. It educates the brain how it should use all the muscles in concert to pull the joints of the body apart and create the space necessary for optimal physiological function.

The Percussor device is called the  ́too good to be true ́machine for a reason. We used it to improve posture, brain mapping, and movement patterns. It also lowers blood pressure in some patients, improves blood and lymph flow, dissolves fascial adhesions and reconnects muscles to the brain, making them functional again.

It uses soft oscillation on the skin to produce its effect, the Merkel and Meissner cells respond to this specific Herz (8-15hz) with sending lots of non-nociceptive signals to various brain cortexes, effectively lowering the threat level in the brain. The brain responds with an unwinding of the tissues, fascial, neural and muscular altogether.

The percussor automatically stimulates the vagus nerve and the parasympathetic response, in additional education in how to strengthen the parasympathetic response and vagal tone is vital for long-term success.

Body Insights

We do not treat or cure symptoms or diseases. We create health and well-being.

The aim is to improve the function in essential systems in the body. The most important ones being the brain and central nervous system, musculoskeletal system, autonomic nervous system, digestive system and immune system.

Conventional therapy and medicine focus most on diagnosis and what medication to prescribe. This is an outdated and ineffective approach.

Instead, we look at why the symptoms are there. We have no interest in naming a collection of symptoms; we are interested in restoring function.

Conventional medicine hold a reductive approach, there are specialized doctors for every single part of your body and mind which result in that these doctors are so specialized they don’t see the big picture and the interconnectedness of the body and its relation to the environment and lifestyle, the result is that nobody knows what’s really going on.

And although the details do matter, too much focus on them tend to overcomplicate things and miss the big picture when it comes to chronic pain problems.

In Archmethod® we focus on the importance of an individually aligned diet, frequent healthy movement, natural light rhythms and a sound way of relating to yourself. It’s not rocket science. It’s all pretty logical when you think of it. This leads to better performance and fewer symptoms of diseases, in most cases it leads to the complete absence of symptoms.

We do this by using the brains skills of neuroplasticity.

It means that we have a high potential for healing throughout life, but it also means we can change in the wrong direction depending on what we choose to do. And since this is a system designed to adapt quickly, the process of breaking down unused neural connections and cells is initiated readily when there is a lack of stimuli.

When treating chronic pain, injuries, and illness or trying to increase performance, this fact should guide the principles of treatment and exercise.

Therefore we provide knowledge in this fields and educate you to Body Insight.

  • Behavior change
  • Stress management
  • Biotensegrity
  • Breathing
  • Autonomic balance
  • Embodiment
  • Nutrition