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For Full-Body Vitality

MycoBOOST™ is designed to enhance intracellular energy, increase oxygenation, and sustain endurance activities.  Research suggests that the natural compounds in MycoBOOST™ can support a busy lifestyle by maximizing ATP energy production and O2 utilization.

  • Increase stamina and endurance†
  • Boost physical and mental performance†
  • Enhance aerobic capacity†
  • Support cellular energy production†

This natural formula contains Organic Cordyceps mushroom extract and Yerba Mate extract to promote sustainable energy production and endurance.


Suggested Use

Take a serving of 2 capsules 1 to 2 times per day to promote cellular energy production to support mental and physical exercise, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

U.S.A. manufactured in a cGMP facility. Natural Stacks proudly uses only the highest quality ingredients.





  • Organic Cordyceps Mushroom1000 mg
  • Yerba Mate Extract 125 mg
Organic Cordyceps Mushroom 1000 mg

Thousands of years ago high in the mountains of Tibet, herdsmen noticed that when their herds ate ‘caterpillar fungus’, they were much more energetic and could travel longer distances. Cordyceps mushroom delivers powerful endurance boosting effects by increasing oxygen utilization, aerobic capacity, and cellular energy production.

Yerba Mate Extract 125 mg

Yerba Mate is best known as the stimulating beverage and South American drink that energizes the body and mind. Yerba Mate leaves are a natural source of theobromine, caffeic acid, saponins, and caffeine. Collectively, these compounds may increase metabolism, confer antioxidant effects, and enhance alertness and mental performance.


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