Zerona Click 25 pack

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Credits to Zerona
In bulk of 25


I lager

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The routine for the ordering of credits are as following:


It is only possible to order a new code per calendar day.

In good time, order new code for more credits, please try not to go below 25 remaining credits as a buffer.


Step 1: Take a photo of the setting screen. (You access it by pressing the E in Erchonia logotype at the startup screen.)

The picture must contain the date, remaining credits, and the serial number.

Step 2: E-mail the photo and a request of code for new credits and the number of credits. The credits are available in 25-pack´s.

Step 3: Fulfill the order and pay in webshop, checkout.

Step 4: After receiving the new code, put in the number of credits and the code, then press ENTER. (save)

Step 5: Take a confirmation photo of the setting screen and send to the same email.

The order is complete.


Error, the code doesn’t work?

A: Check date, are the date in the display the same date when you received the new code?

A: Have you closed the ordering cycle by all five steps including the last step 4? (Confirmation picture)

A: Check the number of credits, is it the same amount as ordered? (if you don’t change, it will show the latest refill, and that number can be different. Please adjust to the correct number of credits.)

A: Try again. With the right; date, amount of credits and if the numbers in the code are exact, it will work.

A: Have you pressed ENTER?

A: If the code doesn’t work anyway, following all the steps above, order a new code the next calendar day. Please start from step 1.


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